• Image of The Existential Codex (2015)

Super Jewel Box CD/Blu-Ray with 5.1 and HD stereo mixes; 16 page lyric book with storyline.

This is the only 'complete' edition of the album with all 12 tracks in tact. The alternative digital version has six tracks.

THE EXISTENTIAL CODEX is a natural progression from our previous release, OVERHAUL, and picks up/expands various ideas from that and, in fact, the last several albums. Musically, we are pushing our boundaries in all directions, although it is definitely metal at its heart. As always with Monsterworks there is a common theme but no definitive answers. Nevertheless, hopefully THE EXISTENTIAL CODEX will spark some independent thought along the way.

Track List:
Higgs Field
Ripple Effect
Hallowed Script *
The Uncertainty Principle *
Moment of Death *
Vision by the Inward Eye *
Noble Lie *
Temple of Distortion
Tapping the Void
The Ride
…of Existence *

* bonus tracks only found on CD/5.1 Surround Disc

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