• Image of Black Swan Annihilation (2016)

Recorded at Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire with Tim Lewis engineering, Black Swan Annihilation is a concept album about mankind’s demise at the hand of an unforeseen cataclysm. However, a “Black Swan” event is something that is unpredictable so the exact nature of the disaster is not specified and left to the listener’s imagination. It could have been something that happened as a direct result of meddling with nature or it may be a completely random event that we never had any control over.

Super Jewel Box Edition: CD and DVD with 5.1 surround mixes and HD (24 bit 96kHz) stereo mixes

12 page lyric book.

Two additional tracks compared to the digital release (available on Bandcamp), so this is the most complete version of the album.

Track List:
1. Immortalist
2. To Have Done What Must Be
3. Unbridled Force of Nature
4. Black Swan Annihilation
5. Vanishing Point
6. Unbeheld
7. Archivo Omnia
8. Dormant III *
9. Ascension *

* bonus tracks only found on CD/5.1 Surround Disc

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