• Image of Album of Man (2013)

CD comes in Gatefold "Mini-LP" format with 8 page full colour pull-out lyric booklet.


Following on from The God Album, and taking the listener even deeper into a philosophical landscape, Album of Man was recorded in April 2010, again at Earth Terminal Studios with Lewis Childs. Thematically, this is a “cradle to grave” type exploration of what it means to be human.

The album is particularly musically diverse with at least two predominantly acoustic tracks: Known and Being Human; alongside typical Monsterworks heaviness in All Suns Die, Free Will and the epic Air (We Have Come So Far) closing the album.

1 The Creation Dream
2 It's Alive (The Philosophical Baby)
3 Unconditional Lie
4 All Suns Die
5 Known
6 Harden to Art
7 Taste of Doom
8 Being Human
9 Free Will
10 Air (We Have Come So Far)

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